# FideLeon Wedding // Wedding Ceremony by the rooftop pool, Village Hotel Changi

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ahhh thinking of our wedding ceremony still gives me the tingly feel up my spine somehow hahaha more like embarrassed mixed with happiness and haha, I don't know! 

A million emotions maybe! We've been together for so long since i was 14 (11 years) I didn't really think much about how a marriage ceremony is going to make any difference in our relationship so I didn't expect myself to really feel much like oh it's just going to be a JP saying a bunch of words and then we would say a bunch of words and we would be MARRIED right?

I was already feeling super tense the entire day before (it was BUSY AS HELL) and the entire wedding day, I remembered that was a major bridezilla mo' when I had a very limited time slot between reaching the hotel and taking a shower then before my hair and makeup. I wanted to set up my wedding album table and dessert table myself  but when i got to the reception area, my tables were not set up as promised by the hotel staff and I went nuts and screaming WHERE IS MY TABLE I WANT MY TABLES NOW! *crazy look in my eyes* HAHAHAHA 

I'm sorry poor hubbay, my bridesmaids Carrie and Shirley had to see that and thank you for calming me the shit down.

And there was this thing with the MUA with my MIL and mummy which left me like really majorly stressed out to the max and i had a little bridezilla mo'. LOL nadnut is so not letting this down and keeps reminding me of my little meltdown every now and then hahahaha because i told her i would be a really chill bride, which I WAS till the very last moment, and then I'm NOT. 

Basically i went from 0 to 100 real quickly and it made my own head spin. hahaha

So during the ceremony I was in tears almost the entire time hahaha I think I get caught in the moment really.. easily but most of the time I don't really show my emotions but since it was technically Leon and my day, I was like... I don't know what came over me, tears exploding all over the place to the max, and once the flood gates were open, there was no stopping my HUGE tears rolling and rolling down my face. 

So embarrassing. haha 

Romantic little twinkling lights!

Awww Jarell (the groomsmen who got nipple licked by leon, see my gatecrash post!) and his gf, haha I think he might be wiping off her tears because his nipples has been tainted by Leon's tongue. 

Just kidding - I've no idea what's happening. HAHAHA

The 2 daddy (s) haha

I seriously want to thank my Brother-in-law Garett for being the best emcee! hahahah he's so funny and he really made everyone laugh so much with his annoying jokes and all. 

Like we totally forgotten that Leon should be waiting for me down the aisle and my daddy was suppose to walk me down the aisle right? hahaha so up till the last second he was with me and Garett made a huge joke out of it LOL

And then, we were married. 

Awwwwe.. :3 It almost felt like we were alone right at that moment.

Photography by EggsBenedictChan


Really love working with Benedict for our wedding because his style is.. i would say, non-intrusive, really natural because there are hardly many shots that was posed at all, it's really is just candid and very real.. moments.

I usually hate myself in candid shots 99% of the time but after seeing our engagement session (see here) and actual wedding day shot by Benedict, I can only say that he's just really good at capturing THE moment!

 You can email him to check for his rates and for any enquiries.
He's so friendly and i'm absolutely sure you're in good hands with Benedict. (:


♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

#FideLeon Wedding // Wedding Day Dresses by The Gown Warehouse

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ahhh.. the wedding dresses! I'm not sure if you've saw my previous post on choosing my gown for the pre-wedding photoshoot at TheGownWarehouse?

But for the actual day, I've picked 2 white wedding gowns and 1 evening gown in total to take me from day to night - Morning gatecrash + Tea Ceremony + Wedding Ceremony by the rooftop poolside + Cocktail reception + Dinner Reception!

Yes yes, craaaaazy busy day I know. The schedule was so tight I could hardly breathe, but thank god everything went smoothly and I was so glad with our choices of gowns from TheGownWarehouse!

I love that i didn't have to think about which veil to match the gown with and which accesories to go with would fit the dress perfectly - TheGownWarehouse took care of all that.

For my first gown of the day [FGTD?! haha] I actually picked the same gown as the one i wore for the pre-wedding photoshoot with Jeremy from AlvinAdeline & Co at the Saddle Club because i loved the cut and look of this gown so much! It's so beautiful and flattering and makes me feel oh-so-sexy! :D

I wore the same white gown for our wedding ceremony by the rooftop poolside during the sunset as well! Our JP made us go ROFL apparently but obviously I can't recall what happened haha

We paid extra for the rental of the rooftop pool area but it was so worth it, thinking back i think it was really beautiful and romantic with the sun setting and the beautiful soft sun rays casting gorgeous shadows everywhere, it was like we're in our own world. (:

We're so lucky and me and my family prayed like crazy that it didn't rain considering it's nov and it was raining like crazy the entire week.


The cocktail reception! I wanted to walk around and chitchat with my guest and take photos with my rilakkuma mascot that Leon wore and re-proposed to me again 3 months before the wedding! 

[Hahaha there's a story behind why he re-proposed to me.]
The first proposal he actually proposed to me when i was really mad and irritated with him and it was really a spur of the moment kinda thing and every since then i've been complaining what a shitty proposal it was! 

Hahahaha so he said he would re-propose to me again after that but after being engaged for about 2 years and the coming of our wedding, i suan siao him and said aiyah what propose again, bluff me one right! confirm don't have!!! Hahaha but obviously he efficiently shut my mouth up forever and did it again at Switch with in the Rilakkuma mascot hahaha.

Back to my gowns! I picked this goooooorgeous and simple french lace gown with a looooong train but i wished i have picked something with a shorter train! Walking around at the cocktail reception was like HEEEEEEELL hahahaha my poor bridesmaid nadnut had to literally carry my gown train and follow me around behind me the whole time if not i'd be tripping over my dress like over and over again. (thank you so muuuuch i really LOVE you!)

Love love love the french lace details on this gown, but my favourite has got to be this pale yellow evening gown! I initially chose a purple one but when i saw this on my final fitting i was like THIS! This is the dress!!!

It's cute and so sweet looking, but yet totally sexy with the peekaboo boobie design! Hahahah

Hello, my happily ever after. (:

HUGE Thanks to The Gown Warehouse for dressing me in these amazing gowns and your awesome service throughout my pre-wedding shoot till the very end!

And also The Gown Warehouse is currently expanding to a bigger space to hold even more gorgeous gown designs for Brides-to-be in May!  

The Gown Warehouse
11 Woodlands Close, #06-38
Singapore 737853

email: office: +65 6734 3998, mobile: +65 9792 1239, +65 9189 9701 By appointment only - See more at:

Do note that appointments are required 
so you can contact them via email or phone 
before you visit them:
Office: +65 6734 3998
Mobile: +65 9792 1239 / +65 9189 9701 
♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.